Meet Sheena & Team


Sheena Slobodian, Owner, Professional Dog Groomer

My name is Sheena I Slobodian, and I am the sole proprietor of Sheena’s Pet Services.

I have been working in the pet care industry since 2010. I began my training by becoming certified in Pet First Aid, and by working part-time as a bather/prepper in a grooming shop. Once I made the move to a full-time animal care career, I spent a year apprenticing to become a professional dog groomer. During that time, I also became certified in Canine & Feline Handling and Behaviour. In the winter of 2012, I opened Sheena’s Pet Services inside of Rascals Pet Supplies where we stayed until our clientele grew and grew until we finally needed a bigger space. In May of 2018 my salon moved into our bright new home at 616 36 Avenue NE and we have continued growing and thriving since.

In addition, in 2017 I became an honorary lifetime member of the Intellectual Groomers Association and achieved my certifications in Hand-stripped and Sporting breeds. I then went on to complete my Fear Free Certification in 2020 and joined with the Alberta Force Free Alliance. It is my goal to provide quality grooming care without force or fear, and to give the dogs in my care a voice in the grooming and handling process. I continue to update my education regarding general grooming and sanitation procedures, as well as positive husbandry techniques.

The health, comfort and well-being of my client’s pets is paramount to me. The goal of my business is to provide quality professional dog grooming and pet care advice in a peaceful environment where your furry family members, as well as the people who care for them, can feel at ease without the distractions that all too often make grooming harder for pet and owner alike. Careful attention is always paid when booking appointments to ensure the shop environment remains stress-free at all times for both the animals and my staff.

My team includes Adrienne Nance, our most seasoned groomer with 20 years of grooming experience, junior groomer Reba-Jeane Furlotte, a 2019 graduate of the Alberta School of Dog Grooming, and Brittney Hodgson with 8 years of grooming experience, and also a KPA certified dog trainer.

We run a busy but comfortable salon, and we book our schedule in a way that we can provide one-on-one attention to each dog in our care. Dogs are never held for the entire day unless requested – instead, we give you a phone call or text 20 minutes before your dog is ready to go home. This allows us to give our full attention to each animal, and to be as thorough as possible.

Your pet’s health and safety is our number one priority, and we take every precaution to ensure all tools, tubs, tables and linens are cleaned and disinfected daily. While in our care, dogs from different homes are not permitted to interact, to help ensure the health and safety of all dogs in the shop.

We have a gated salon to ensure the dogs in our care do not escape the shop. We thank you for assisting us in running a secure salon by closing the gate behind you upon entering and exiting our shop.

One response to “Meet Sheena & Team

  1. I’m grateful to have such a wonderful local resource in Sheena and Rascals. Limo feels at ease getting her nails trimmed and adores Sheena who gracefully accepts a face wash every time.

    Our pets are members of our family, and we want to see them treated with the same care and respect we give them. Sheena gets this and that is why she has our loyalty.

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