Corona Virus Update


In light of recent local declarations regarding the Covid 19 virus, Calgary is now in a state of emergency, and we are reaching out to all of you in the community, taking precautions to plan and prepare for the days and weeks ahead. 

For walk-in services, an appointment MUST be scheduled, including nail trimming and gland expressions, NO EXCEPTIONS. We apologise to those that show up without an appointment, but we cannot accommodate any drop-in clients due to the sanitation protocols we have in place.

Our Play Bay is closed with immediate effect to all bookings and events until further notice.

If you or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms or signs of illness, or if you or anyone around you have been travelling out of the country, please let us know immediately and your appointment will be cancelled. We respectfully ask that you remain at home if you feel at all unwell. We will not be charging cancellation fees during this time. 

We reserve the right of refusal if we feel at all at risk – please refrain from mistreating our team if we deem it unacceptable to provide services during this time. Like everyone else, we are only protecting ourselves and our families however we can.

Drop-offs and pick-ups will be expedited – we love chatting with you, but for the time being, we must limit our contact as much as possible. We will secure each dog with a slip lead upon arrival. You will be instructed to remove all of your dog’s gear and take everything with you – we will not hold onto these items. We will confirm your clip details and immediate contact number, and we ask that you leave promptly. If you have special needs or requests for your dogs grooming, please reach out to us prior to your appointment (call or text 587 434 1869, email us at or send us a message on Facebook) so that we will have the details already when you drop pooch off. 

We will call you 20 minutes prior to service completion – all dogs must be picked up within 30 minutes of completion so that we can expedite sanitation and disinfection protocols. 

We have redoubled our efforts to maintain a clean environment, including disinfection of our tools, tables, tubs and kennels between every dog, as well as our reception area, phones, washroom, debit machine and public surfaces/areas between each client.

Small businesses are taking a bad hit right now. We will remain open as long as the government allows us to continue, but like everyone, we are definitely feeling the pinch and the fear. It’s going to get a lot worse before it starts to get better. Stay aware, informed and cautious. The more we help one another, the better the chance we have of getting through this – as a community. 

Be safe, everyone. 


  • Sheena


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