What Can You, as a Dog Owner, Expect from a Grooming Appointment?



While the actual appointment and what we do tends to be more of a direct benefit to your furry family member, there are a few things that coincide with their visit to our shop that YOU as the owner can expect as well.

First, here is what your dog can expect from their appointment:

– A full bath, complete with the best choice of professional shampoos and products for their particular coat/skin

– Eye boogie clean-up

– Ear cleaning, and plucking when applicable

– Nail trimming

– Shaving of the pad hair, to prevent snowballs in the winter, and to help cool the animal in the summer; also to help lessen mud tracking in the house

– Sanitary clean-up, including anal gland checking and soiled coat removal

– A haircut, as applicable

– Long coated dogs will also receive a shea butter leave-in treatment to help keep frizzes at bay, and to seal each hair shaft for a shiny, clean coat

Optional add-ons are also available, including pad softening, nose moisturizing/softening, nail filing with a Dremel, and if you like, funky clips (such as lion cuts, mohawks, etc).

In addition to all of the above, the things that you as the owner can expect from your visit with us include:

– Up-to-date thorough notes about the appearance, condition and health of your pet, including appointment history, sensitivities, and a notes about any lumps and bumps, scars, etc that we find as we look beneath your dogs coat, something your vet cannot do!

– The peace of mind knowing your dog is being cared for by gentle hands and knowledgable staff in a generally calm salon

– No dog is kept for the entire day, only the time required to complete their groom

– Feel at ease knowing that all kennels are thoroughly cleaned with animal-safe products between each dog, all linens are one-time-use, and care and attention all times when drying dogs to be sure their health is kept at the forefront of our procedures

– Unless multiple dogs come to the shop from the same household, dogs are never allowed to interact with one another to decrease the chance of spreading bugs should a dog be host and the owner unaware

– Nervous, senior/geriatric dogs will not be booked during busy times (Saturdays, for example), as we strive to make the grooming experience a comfortable and pleasant one for all dogs in our shop at all times

– Giant breeds will also be booked during quiet times to ensure they will not have to climb up and down from the grooming table over and over again, ensuring their comfort and our efficiency when working on larger fur-babies

– Dogs are all carefully lifted on to and off of tables (as well as the tub if they cannot do the stairs) to avoid injuries that may be incurred

– We are also knowledgable regarding nutrition and general care and will happily advise you on weight control or other food-related matters.

At Sheena’s Pet Services, we strive to provide the most thorough grooming and care experience possible. All dogs are gently and lovingly treated as though they are our very own. Our greatest goal as a professional animal care service provider is to see happy wagging tails leaving our shop every time.

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