The Value of Having Your Pet Professionally Groomed

IMG-20120509-00616So many dog owners have found themselves overwhelmed by the maintenance required to keep their pets neat and clean. Every week we hear, “My golden retriever won’t stop shedding,” or “Our shih tzu’s coat is always so tangly,” and the most frequent one of all, “He won’t let me clip his nails!”

We have solutions to all of those issues, and more, but the main answer to all of these problems is to take your pet to an experienced pet care professional. While for a lot of dogs and owners the grooming experience is one that they share, other owners do not have enough time or experience to do it, while others still are simply uncomfortable with the process. That is where we step in and offer a helping hand.

Is your dog one of the very special few who is particularly anxious, nervous, afraid or even difficult about grooming? We often see a variety of dogs that are sensitive to brushing, electric clippers, nail trimming, and any number of oddities that fall between these as well. These are reasons why a professional pet groomer is readily available to you, with the health and safety of both yourself and your dog as our main concern, we can work to accomplish these trying tasks for you, and ease your concern in the process.

Why can we accomplish the things your dog ‘won’t’ let you do? Several reasons contribute to our success, including the fact that we are basically a stranger to your dog, perhaps a familiar acquaintance at best, and also the fact that we place the dog in an otherwise unfamiliar position atop a grooming table. While it’s not quite right to say that the dog freezes on the spot, it can however be easily observed that most dogs alter their gait quite significantly once up on the grooming table surface. Beyond that, some simple handling procedures and attention to the dogs body language make doing what we do a bit easier for us than for some dog owners.

A lot of Calgary and area dog owners have dogs of unknown origin, from nearby fields and highways to as far away as Mexico and beyond. Many of these dogs have shorter coats, similar to a rottweiler, a shepard or a terrier type, and they shed beyond imagination. Simply brushing out these dogs is not enough, as the dead undercoat will prove an endless task. A full bath with de-shedding treatment, and a high-velocity condensed air dryer can loosen up all of that dead fur and force it out from between the healthy top-coat.

Likewise, without all of the small bichon/shih tzu type mixed breed dogs out there, we would be out of business. The trick to keeping small breeds of this sort tangle free, besides the obvious matter of daily brushing, is to keep the coat clean and trimmed to an acceptable length, so the dog is seasonally comfortable, but able to take care of its needs without obstruction. The simple rule is, the longer the coat, the more effort is required to maintain it, and the easier it will tangle if left unattended.

As for nail trimming, we are frequently asked why we are able to clip the nails of dogs that otherwise fight and struggle for all their worth when their owners or veterinary staff attempt it. While we cannot answer for other groomers, our secret is simple. The process is done quickly, with or without the owner in the room, and our handling procedure allows us to clip all the nails away from the dogs face and eyes, which is often why dogs become afraid of the process. Occasionally we see dogs who require an extra hand, or even a muzzle from time to time, but most often the process is accomplished without much struggle than would be expected of ticklish toes.

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